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Creative Writing Help and Lessons

This is the "how-to" page, and the place to get creative writing help. Here, you will find articles on writing-fiction all aspects of writing craft: plot, point of view (POV), scenes and sequels, cause and effect, tension, character development, setting, tense, description, poetics, tightening and polishing, dialogue, and everything else I can think of.

If you need help on a particular subject and you do not see it here, please contact me, and I'll make that creative writing lesson a priority and add it to my to-do list.

This contains an ever growing compilation of creative writing lessons and help articles, so please check back often, or keep the site open as you write for easy access to its contents.

Creative Writing Lessons


  • Character Motivation: Why Characters Act
  • Creating Characters, Part I
  • Creating Characters, Part II
  • Writing Characters: How to Use Daily Rituals to Strengthen Characterization
  • Internet Resources for Creating Fictional Characters


  • Write Mind Movies


  • Punctuate Dialogue Correctly
  • Writing Dialogue with Tension

    Flashback and Foreshadowing

  • Flashback: Using it Effectively
  • How to Use Literary Foreshadowing


  • How a Strong Story Premise Sets You up for Success
  • Plot Your Stories
  • How to Plot a Novel
  • Plot Outline with What If? and Why?
  • Story Action: Make Something Happen!
  • Novel Plots: Answering the Plea

    Point of View

  • Point of View


  • Write Great Settings


  • Scene Questions Hold Reader Interest
  • Scenes and Sequels: Essential Building Blocks
  • Scene Length
  • Scene Action-Reaction Chart


  • Participles:Bothersome Verbs to Avoid
  • Avoiding Passive Verbs
  • Tight Writing Gets Published
  • Transitional Words and Phrases in Fiction: 4 Writing Tips

    General Advice

  • Tips for Writing a Novel

    For More Creative Writing Help

    12 Tips for Getting Published Sooner

    Writing Degrees

    Self Publishing Ebooks: Six Tips for Self Publishing Online

    Book Writing Tips for Career Writers

    How to Publish a Book

    Creative Writing Process

    Self Publishing Ebooks: Six Tips for Self Publishing Online

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