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Pearl Luke, Author

Hi. I'm Pearl Luke, creative writing instructor,  author and editor.

 Do you want to publish more? Do you wish your words attracted a larger audience? Do you want more business?

Good writing is an intricate puzzle. When you rearrange potentially strong phrases  to better support each other, to be less passive and more active, when you swap imprecise diction for more accurate and evocative language, you can transform your draft writing into an effortless text that showcases your insight and talent. 

As a business writer, former college instructor, publisher’s editor, and writing mentor, I’ve worked with hundreds of writers around the world. My two novels, Burning Ground and Madame Zee, were published by HarperCollins Canada. 

Decades of reading and text analysis have honed my analytical and critical thinking skills. I’ve developed an ear for rhythm in language and an eye for accuracy and detail.

As a result, I can quickly assess and strengthen both business and creative writing. 

Or is your Creative Writing Ready for publication Now?

When I began, this site was an information site, one of only a few that had solid writing advice from a traditionally published author. 

But times have changed. Now plenty of excellent advice can be found on blogs and websites, available from any number of fine writers, editors, and agents.

So I asked for feedback from you my readers and clients. What do you want? Overwhelmingly, the response came back: More paid publishing opportunities. 

In the past, I offered creative writing contests and occasionally  bought and published good fiction through Page 47 of this site, but that wasn't my focus. Now it is. 

All the writing help articles still exist to help you learn the craft and business of writing,  improve your creative writing, and get paid more.  And if you need my help, I still accept a few new clients every year.

But I enjoyed buying and publishing your stories. I enjoyed seeing you publish, sometimes for the first time.

Who Decides Whether or Not You will be Published Here?

As the founder and chief editor of this site, I make all the final decisions about which stories I buy. Read more about my own writing and publishing qualifications HERE.

However, because there are so many of you, and only one of me, I also employ assistant editors to help with the reading when the stories pour in.

The most engaging stories each month go into a short-list file. From these finalists, I choose the stories published on this site.  

What Sort of Creative Writing Can you Submit?

Submit short fiction or memoir. Short is key. Anything up to 1500 words, and only one story at a time, please.

We have a preference for thought-provoking literary fiction and memoir with dense, detailed sentences and fresh language, but other stories will capture our interest as well if they are well written and unusual. A strong, unique voice is important, and if your writing makes us laugh, even better!

Ideas and storylines should be fresh and well developed, in a way that leaves us feeling that we've learned something about human nature.

We occasionally accept genre fiction such as horror, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, etc, but no erotica please. We need to keep our minds focused on work!  

The main requirement for any submission is that the writing be skillful, well-edited and interesting all the way to the end. 

Hemingway's granddaughter, Lorian Hemingway provided good advice when I interviewed her about her short story competition several years ago. You may want to read her response, as mine is similar.

How to Submit Your Creative Writing

Please visit the story submission page for detailed submission guidelines.

Where to find Additional Creative Writing help

In addition to the  help articles on the navigation bar, please check out the  tools below.

If you're stuck, the writing prompts will be useful. Not sure if you've edited well enough? Take a look at our editing checklist. Can't think of good names for your characters? Try the character name generator.

And if you want to publish here, you'll definitely want to read a few of the previously published stories.

Have fun. I look forward to reading your work!

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