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Creative Writing Scholarships

Numerous Creative Writing Scholarships are available to students in Canada and the US who demonstrate writing talent and wish to pursue a degree in creative writing. While most require that a student intend to pursue a career in creative writing, a few scholarships allow students to continue their studies in creative writing while they seek a degree in a different field. Some are available for part time and short-term studies. All are designed to recognize and encourage proven artistic ability.

Follow the link to each individual institution for full details on their creative writing scholarships. Only those creative writing scholarships and awards that require an application are listed here. Merit based entrance scholarships are not listed, as no application is necessary. Creative writing grants are listed separately.

If you or your institution offers a creative writing scholarship and you would like it listed here, please contact me. I will be happy to add it.

Canadian Creative Writing Scholarships

  1. DEADLINE: Unspecified Irving Layton Award for Creative Writing
    AWARD: unspecified Open to students of Concordia University

  2. DEADLINE: NOVEMBER Anna Pidruchney Award for New Writers
    AWARD: $1200 Open to Grant MacEwan Community College students and other novice writers

  3. DEADLINE: APRIL 30 British Columbia Arts Council Scholarships
    AWARD: up to $6000 Open to British Columbia students studying creative writing full time in any country

Canadian Creative Writing Grants

  1. DEADLINE: MARCH & SEPTEMBER Alberta Foundation for the Arts
    AWARD: up to 15,000 Open to Alberta writers.

  2. DEADLINE: APRIL & OCTOBER Arts New Brunswick
    AWARD: up to $15,000 Open to emerging, mid-career, and established New Brunswick professional writers

  3. DEADLINE: MAY & NOVEMBER Arts Nova Scotia
    AWARD: up to $12,000 Open to writers resident in Nova Scotia.

  4. DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER British Columbia Arts Council Writing Grants
    AWARD: up to $12,000 Open to professional British Columbia writers

  5. DEADLINE: VARIES (English) Canada Council for the Arts
    AWARD: up to $25,000 Open to emerging, mid-career, and established Canadian professional writers

  6. DEADLINE: JUNE Chalmers Arts Fellowships
    AWARD: up to $25,000 Open to Ontario writers.

  7. DEADLINE: Varies Manitoba Arts Council
    AWARD: up to $15,000 Open to Manitoba writers.

  8. DEADLINE: MARCH & SEPTEMBER Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council
    AWARD: up to $10,00 Open to writers resident in Newfoundland and Labrador.

  9. DEADLINE: MAY Prince Edward Island Arts Council
    AWARD: up to $8,000 Open to writers resident in Prince Edward Island.

  10. DEADLINE: APRIL & SEPTEMBER Quebec Arts Council
    AWARD: up to $25,000 Open to up and coming, mid-career, and career writers resident in Quebec

  11. DEADLINE: FEBRUARY Saskatchewan Arts Board
    AWARD: up to $7,500 Open to writers resident in Saskatchewan.

  12. DEADLINE: JUNE Toronto Arts Council
    AWARD: up to $10,000 Open to City of Toronto writers.

  13. DEADLINE: APRIL & OCTOBER Yukon Dept. of Tourism and Culture
    AWARD: up to $10,000 Open to Yukon writers practicing at a senior level

US Creative Writing Scholarships -- College/University

  1. DEADLINE: JANUARY Ursinus College Creative Writing Award
    AWARD: $40,000 Open to US creative writing students of outstanding originality and potential.

  2. DEADLINE: MARCH Leon V. Driskell Award
    AWARD: $250 Open to University of Louisville undergraduate students

  3. DEADLINE: MARCH Sara Jean McDowell Creative Writing Award
    AWARD: $500 Open to University of Louisville graduate students

  4. DEADLINE: MARCH Go-on Girl Aspiring Writers Educational Scholarship
    AWARD: $1000 Open to all eligible sophomore and junior college students of African-American descent.

  5. DEADLINE: JANUARY and NOVEMBER Bucknell University Arts Merit Scholarship
    AWARD: $2,500 to $20,000 Open to prospective students who plan to pursue studies in English/Creative Writing.

US Creative Writing Grants and Fellowships

  1. DEADLINE: APRIL Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Fellowship
    AWARD: $3000 Open to Rhode Island residents.

  2. DEADLINE: OCTOBER Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship
    AWARD: $60,500 Open to American poets writing abroad for one year

  3. DEADLINE: DECEMBER Stegner Fellowship
    AWARD: $37,500 plus tuition. Open to any writer wishing to study creative writing for two years at Stanford University.

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