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Page 47 online anthology accepts short story submissions from new and established writers, and aims to publish new writers alongside experienced ones.

If you're a new writer, we're particularly interested in helping you establish yourself as a writer by providing an early publication credit, possibly your first.

 Length: Up to 1500 words (approx. 5 double-spaced pages)
Payment: $100 CAD flat fee on acceptance
Type: Literary fiction or memoir, and sometimes genre fiction
Stories published: up to 24/yr.
Rights bought: First electronic rights only 
Simultaneous Submissions: Yes
Response time: Two weeks
Special Instructions: Please carefully read the guidelines below before submitting

Before you submit a short story to this site, or simply for good reading, please review the writing already published in Page 47 Online Anthology.

If your short story submission suits the current needs of the site, you will hear from us within two weeks.

If you do not hear from us within two weeks, you may assume that we can't use the work at this time. Please do NOT email to ask why you havn't heard anything.

We would like to respond to every submission with a personal note, but unfortunately it's all we can do to read the submissions in a timely fashion.

When a story is not quite ready, but catches our attention because of its originality and potential, we may contact you to let you know that we would like to see it after revisions, but this contact is at our discretion.

Please be sure to provide your email address on the second page of the submission form!

Several times I have wanted to publish a story and the email information was missing, so I had no way to contact the author. We both lost out. You enter your email adore

This is an adjudicated publication, where your work is selected and published on the basis of merit. This site is visited by print publishers looking for quality short fiction, and at least one other story has been reprinted after publication here ("Woman Under the Thames").

If we hear from someone interested in your work, we'll let you know. If you have a website, feel free to include it in your byline so others may contact you directly. To protect you from spammers, we don't publish email addresses.

In any short story competition, good writing is always refused along with bad. The same is true here. We have a small budget and particular tastes. We can only purchase a fraction of the stories we receive, a few stories a year, and we're looking for something out of the ordinary.

We particularly welcome short humourous pieces, such as "Death by Scrabble" and strong literary stories. Please read the published stories before you submit, read about submission etiquette, and use the editing checklist.

Please don't allow yourself to be discouraged by rejection, here or anywhere.

  • It's possible the magazine or journal recently published a story similar to yours.
  • Maybe they've exhausted their current budget
  • Or maybe the subject of your story doesn't fit with an overall theme the editor desires.
  • Perhaps the manuscript quality was extra high the month you submitted.
  • Maybe your short story submission had to compete with others by well known and established writers.

There are many reasons why your story may be rejected, so persevere. Try another publication or submit a different story. However...

Here, you have an edge. We actively solicit new and unpublished writers and welcome your short story submissions.

All payments are made electronically, via PayPal. If you don't have an electronic account, please be prepared to open one upon acceptance of your story. 

NOTE: The short story submission form does not recognize indented paragraphs.

Please format your story with an extra space between paragraphs, not indentations, and submit in plain text only (no curly quotation marks, commas, apostrophes) to prevent question marks and other symbols in the text.

If you see these symbols in your story after submission, please correct your text and resubmit.

Please use the information and tips found on this site to do a final edit of your work, and then submit your story below.

Many otherwise good stories are rejected for overuse of adverbs and participial phrases, improper understanding of dialogue conventions, lack of good editing, etc.


  1. Have you edited carefully and replaced all "curly" quotation marks and apostrophes?
  2. Have you included a paragraph at the end of your story that answers the following questions:
  • Have you been published yet?
  • How did you find this site?
  • What is the email address to which we should send payment?

All short story submissions posted on this page confirm the author's copyright and may NOT be reproduced by anyone Else for any reason without Written permission from the author.

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I Work Hard for the Money 
I'm sitting at the bus station, minding my own beeswax, when this crazy guy comes up to me. How can I tell he's crazy and cast these aspersions upon an …

"Move a little closer. There's too much light." Evelyn shifts in the plastic bucket seat and flicks her wrist like a bird with a broken wing. "That's better." …

The Ham Sandwich Theorem 
On Saturday night Angie gives Matt her list of demands. Impossible, arbitrary, nonsensical demands. But Matt's reaction comes unexpected. He flips open …

The blue bucket dangles from the little girl’s hand and scrapes the ground every time she relaxes her sore arm to stretch it. She has been carrying the …

We All Want to Be J. K. Rowling 
My wife has to work. The baby gets colds and needs the insurance for that pink sludge that must be refrigerated and discarded after ten days, so we need …

The house had lain vacant since spring and the two lollipop trees on the patio were sucked dry by the summer wind. Lollipop trees. That's what Jeremy …

Joan's Garden 
It’s been two years, but not a week goes by that I don't think of Joan. I can see the yard from my kitchen window, often as it used to be—a Monet landscape …

Wanna Carrot? 
She had started with the apple. She munched it while she played on her laptop, let the juice go down her face and wiped it with her sleeve. And every time …

Bird song. The shrill yip of the dog across the street. A grumble of an engine as it drags a car up a hill. Music. No, not music. Rap. The autumn chill …

Would there be a thud when she hit the tile, or would Sheila hear the skull crack? She shudders and clutches Emma more tightly. Thirteen beige Berber …

The Verdana Obit 
"It's like that old joke," Goudy said. "The one that old guy used to tell. Who was it? Youngman? Dangerfield?" "This isn't funny Goudy." "The …

love (lower case) 
I. "I really hope we can still be friends," you say. II. Scrolling back through the worst moments of your life, this is at the top. Up there …

Polio Cats 
A rare smile crossed Ben’s lips as he remembered leaving Poland with the stolen money from Slavatizki’s hidden stash. One night last year, after a cow …

Only Five Minutes 
He hated shopping. Who cared about new kitchen plates anyway? Their blue plates were too cold, his mother said. They no longer fit with the rest of the …

Thief Among Thieves 
All recently immigrated Polish Jews felt somewhat paranoid, and Bumirn Slavatizki was no exception. He stormed into the country with teeth clenched and …

Why Not A Duck? 
“Holiday Help Line, this is Matthew. How can I help you?”

 “I’m going to slit my wrists,” she said. “I hate Thanksgiving. I hate that the Christmas …

Death by Scrabble 
It's a hot day and I hate my wife. We're playing Scrabble. That's how bad it is. I'm 42 years old, it's a blistering hot Sunday afternoon and all I …

To Be Longing For 
A librarian once told me, "To forget a book is forgivable, but to forget the words is a travesty." I am returning a book late, and I haven't finished reading …

A Rose In The Morning 
I turned on the lights, couldn’t believe my eyes. “Take it,” Lowry insisted, proffering what he’d made in the dark. I couldn’t. Couldn’t move, …

Evolution of a Pantry 
It started as a nursery painted an any-baby yellow, festooned with a happy-fish mobile over a crib that met all current safety standards. ‘It’ll be …

Laundry Day 
The day after you left I crawled into the dryer. All I could think about was the big pile of dirty clothes you left behind and how, when you came back …

A Thousand Tricks (an excerpt from the prologue of a novel-in-progress)  
The Sahara Desert, Morocco - 1973 The bus weaves south from Marrakesh through Taroudannt, slowing as it climbs the dizzying highway of the High Atlas. …

I was a foodie. I cooked and served foods that had flavors and tastes enough to tantalize and satiate even the most finicky taste buds. I ran a small and …

Death Comes for Simon 
The strip mall closed down for the evening; large, backlit signs flickered out and weary employees sparked matches to light cigarettes on the way to their …

She Screamed 
She screamed and she screamed. She fell back, her body limp and tingling. He rolled over, still holding her waist, and grinned. “You’re welcome.” …

A Day at the Flea Market 
Irene moved a glass figurine from the front of her display table to a safer spot in the center, to rescue it from destruction by the two little brats who …

The Witch's Mark 
Barnesville was a scab on the desert. Locusts had decimated it once by the look of the beat-down shrubs and the sorry way the weeds lay in the pavement …

The world didn’t seem any different to him when he woke. He got up, dressed and made it out the door as usual, but on the bus the thought stuck him that …

Every Thursday 
It wasn’t that long ago that she had cleaned the grout on the kitchen floor, but already it looked dirtier than ever. She wracked her brain in an effort …

The Trashman Cometh 
On Mondays, retiree William Bagley would move a kitchen stool to the living room window. From there he would watch as the trash truck stopped at the curb. …

If He Should Gather His Breath 
The boy woke. His head rested on a thick cushion of moss that covered huge tree roots. He felt the sun through still-closed eyes, felt the warm breeze …

The Universal Language of Women 
My husband and I stayed with Samarah’s Moroccan family on the invitation of her husband, Hamid. We met him on the train, which chugged and spittered along …

The Woman Under the Thames 
Francine marched past the grocers on Spa Road, past the station, toward the River Thames. Spring had arrived, but wasn't evident by looking around. A stiff …

She pursed her lips and flicked a sidelong glance at my daughter. If I were a mind reader, I would have seen one word flash across the girl’s forehead…”eeeeyoooou!” …

Between Love and Need  
Love has never satisfied anyone. It has never secured anything more than a fleeting moment of joy that leaves the rest of life an unbearably long epilogue. …

All through the evening meal the couple argued. He was right, then she was right, then he insisted and she insisted. It was enough to make you sick...

For Safekeeping
Averie turns north onto 10th Street, eager to put distance between her and what has just happened...

In Search of Lucinda
My father, three sheets to the wind, floats in the front door of our house...

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