Paid Book Reviews

Paid book reviews from Be a Better Writer allow you to puts your title in front of more than half a million potential book buyers per year on more than 300 pages of information. 

For many years I was a professional book reviewer for The Calgary Herald, and I am respected as both a reviewer and a publisher's editor. Readers trust my reviews. They know I am a discerning reader and an honest reviewer.

Why Get my Book Reviewed by Be a Better Writer?

My book reviews are regularly found on the first page of search results. This means that if someone searches for your title, they will see my  review--not only initially, when it is first featured on Be a Better Writer--but for years to come.

I review conventionally published novels as well as quality self-published books. This means that your book review sits alongside those of well known and highly regarded authors, which gives your book additional credibility.

Finally, I don't trash books. lf I can't recommend your book I don't review it.

Who Reviews My Book?

I review most books. In addition to reviewing books  for The Calgary Herald,  I did book promotion on the website while it was on the web.

As an author myself, and a publisher's editor, I know how to analyze your book and spot many of the elements you hope sophisticated readers will pick up on. 

You can read about me and my experience HERE.

If I cannot review your book for any reason, I will have another professional book reviewer do it for me, someone I would trust to review my own work.

How Long Are Paid Book Reviews?

Your review will be 300 to 400 words. Each review addresses more than plot points,  and aims to intrigue readers and entice them with honest positive responses to your story.

What if  I don't like the Review?

Your review will be professionally written and edited.

I only review novels I have read and enjoyed. If I can't appreciate your book, I will not review it and you will not be charged. This is not to say that I will enjoy everything about your book, and if I see a weakness in an otherwise strong novel, I may mention it. 

That said, I will not  review a book I can't heartily recommend.

How Long do Paid Book Reviews Stay on Your Website?

All reviews have a dedicated page on Be a Better Writer. It will remain for the life of the site or until you ask to have it removed, whichever comes first. Your title will be searchable and always visible in the database of books reviewed--that's a lot of potential visitors.

In addition, the initial promo link  to your book will be visible on nearly every page of Be A Better Writer for a minimum of one month, possibly much longer, depending on the frequency of review requests.

What do paid book Reviews Cost?

CAD $400  ~ delivered in  4-6 weeks or less. No extra fee for fast turnaround when possible.

At the time of this writing, $400 Canadian is roughly $300 US,  £240 or €265.  That means big savings for US, UK and European clients.

(Because I only review books I can recommend without reservation to my readers, paid book reviews are by invitation only at this time. However, time permitting, I will sometimes take on additional, high quality manuscripts . Please contact me if your book qualifies and you'd like to check my waiting list. )

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