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Review of Scribendi Freelance Copy Editing for Creative Writers

Good freelance copy editing can be difficult to find. Some places are cheap and ineffective. Others are good and expensive. Recently I discovered an excellent online copy editing service, good for creative writers, students and business owners, with professional editors skilled in each area.

I tested Scribendi with a short story of my own. This story had been published by a national magazine, but I had rushed it, and I knew it could be stronger. Both the price and the results provided by the copy editor at Scribendi pleased me. See a copy of what they said.

Their editing was strong, with comments equal in quality and usefulness to the initial comments I received from my editors at HarperCollins when I published my last book.

For about $60, I received nearly three pages of valuable content that pointed to both strengths and weaknesses in the story.

Scribendi's copy editors are native English speakers, with college diplomas or university degrees, and at least three years experience editing, writing, or teaching.

The service operates out of Ontario, Canada, and they state on their website that their primary goal is "to provide clients with fast, informative, and affordable revision services."

ÓfreelanceBased on the work they did for me, they have certainly succeeded. This is the best freelance copy editing service I have personally used. Another feature of their service that I like is how it is possible to request the same copy editor again, should you be particularly pleased with the work, as I was. It will cost more to use their services than mine, but I now recommend them if I am to busy to take on a new client.

Emerging writers don't always recognize how important a good writing and editing service is to their success. Students know. Businesses know, too, that it is not easy to step back from a piece of writing and see everything another professional will notice.

Writers early in their careers are at a further disadvantage because they cannot yet recognize larger flaws that will prevent publication. For emerging writers, a copy edit does more than improve writing. It also provides valuable and instructive feedback.

If you already know the value of a good edit and have been looking for a freelance copy editor, I recommend the low cost Quick Look service I offer to do an initial check of your story's readiness. If you opt to use Scribendi and want to add a note about your experience here, Contact Me and I will add your comments.

Pearl, just a quick note to thank you. I sent in one of my short stories and was also very happy with this service. The editor's feedback opened my eyes and probably saved me yet another rejection. They were just as fast and professional as you said. I appreciate the recommendation. ~ Erin Morgan, Calgary

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