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Advice for writing a novel

by Kristina

Hello. I am a fourteen year old writer and I am looking for ways to improve my writing. Also, i am looking into maybe getting a novel published in the future. Any advice?


Hello Kristina. The best advice I can give you is to write every day. If you do, you will improve dramatically each year.

If you look at the Writing Process page at I have posted many free articles about becoming a writer and the writing process. This is all information that arose out of questions from writers I mentored at one time or another, so I think you will find it helpful.

Also, on the Writing Help page you will find many more articles about writing craft, to help you master the necessary techniques that will make your writing publishable.

And should you ever wish to have one-on-one help with your writing, I offer mentoring services and work privately with writers at any stage of their writing careers. You will find my services, rates, samples and testimonials on this page:


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