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Creative Writing Prompt 5: The Stuffed Sock

Write a scene that shows Alexa find a sock stuffed from toe to top with currency.
  1. Where does Alexa find the sock?
  2. To whom does the sock belong?
  3. Was Alexa looking for the money, or does she find it unexpectedly?
  4. What does the sock look like? How does it feel?
  5. Are Alexa's initial thoughts selfish or generous?
  6. How is the money secured inside the sock? Is the neck of the sock fastened or knotted?
  7. How much money does the sock contain?
  8. Does Alexa need money herself? If so, does she experience any conflicting desires or emotions?
  9. Does she have an impulse to tell anyone about her discovery?
  10. What does she do with the sock and the money after she finds it?

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