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Creative Writing Prompt 4: Marriage Proposal

Courtney and Jim have lived together for six years. Courtney asks Jim if he wants to marry her, and reacts to his response. Write this scene from Jim's perspective, with no more than four sets of quotation marks.
  1. What time of day is it when Courtney poses her question?
  2. Where are they when Courtney asks this question?
  3. Is Jim's response enthusiastic or half-hearted?
  4. What questions does Courtney ask after Jim responds?
  5. Does Jim ask any questions of Courtney?
  6. How do Courtney and Jim feel about marriage in general? Do they feel the same way?
  7. Why have they not married before now?
  8. Does Jim have an easy-going personality or is he grumpy or withdrawn?
  9. What about Courtney's disposition? How can you show the similarities or differences between them?
  10. How does the conversation end?

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