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Creative Writing Prompt 1: Hal Returns

Writing Prompt:

A man named Hal returns home, after a five year absence, to celebrate the birth of his baby sister Zoey. Use this writing prompt to write a scene from Hal’s POV that shows his arrival and viewing of the baby.

Questions to Consider:

  1. What does Hal want to accomplish in this scene? What is his scene goal?
  2. Why has he not been home for five years?
  3. Who greets him when he first arrives?
  4. Is the reception friendly or not?
  5. How old is Hal?
  6. Is he successful or not?
  7. What details will characterize him for the reader?
  8. What is the setting? A squalid apartment? An estate? A New York penthouse?
  9. Why does he have a new baby sister?
  10. Is he fond of his parents?

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