Writing Problems/ Canadian Publishing

by Nicole

Hi. I'm 13 years old and I was wondering about my writing, first of all. When I start writing a story, I lose interest pretty fast. So, I've found a way to fix that, I think. My plan is to write all the insteresting parts first, and then write in the fillers. Will this work? How do you write? Does it get boring for you? Do you do something similar when you write? Thank you in advance.

Secondly, I live in Saskatchewan. How would I go about finding a Canadian agent? Also, would they find a publisher for me? Thanks again.

Hello Nicole. Yes, always write the interesting parts first. Then write some more interesting parts. You can leave out the boring parts and the filler altogether.

When you have a book completed, you'll find quite a lot of information on this site about how to find an agent, and when to do so. You might start HERE.

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