Writing out of disgust?

This may sound a little strange but I've always wanted to ask about something. I like writing; I've started several stories for my own personal enjoyment.

The joy for me is in creating the worlds with all of its lore in my head. I know that if I ever try to publish I should read a few books in the genre I'm writing. However, what if the reason for desiring to publish is based primarily on disgust for much of what is out there? Writing because I hate ideas which seemed ingrained in just about every story I've ever read in the fantasy type?

Is it worth it in your opinion to write because of a crusade mentality? To put out something worth reading that smashes the old assumptions with a new view? (I don't want to say what it is, lest it influence your answer.)


We each have our own reasons for writing, and likely many people write because they feel their ideas are an improvement on what has already been written.

However, I believe that the majority of successful, published authors write because of a deep appreciation for the writing of others. If you read widely--a prerequisite for writers--you will likely discover many authors whose work you enjoy. Studying these works to understand what makes them more enjoyable than other books you dislike may prove interesting and instructive.

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