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Where can I find someone to read a draft of my novel

by Joachim

Hi I am writing my first book right now and would like someone to read it a little and tell me what they think. I don't want to post it in a public forum and as I am writing in english and live in Germany not many of my friends can read it.

Is there some sort of community that provides such a service?


The fact that you're asking this question suggests that you may not have taken any creative writing classes. That is the first place writers receive feedback on their work. They learn technique and receive honest feedback. You can learn much from a qualified instructor, who will be a published author. In addition, you will learn of other places to receive feedback locally.

For example, libraries and universities often hire a writer-in-residence, who will spend a portion of his or her time reading the manuscripts of local writers.

If you hope to publish what you write, it is important to take creative writing classes, read for pleasure, read books on writing craft, and get feedback from a professional.

You limit your options by not wanting a public forum, as that is where you will find free feedback, though "free" too often also means inexperienced. If you are serious about wanting to publish, set aside part of your budget for writing classes and private writing feedback. It is more important to receive feedback from someone good than from someone who charges nothing.

You do not need to show a professional pages and pages of work. Save money by showing only a page or two. A professional can determine the strengths and weaknesses in your writing quickly, and what you learn can be used throughout the manuscript. One month show the opening pages. Another month ask for feedback on the middle or end of a crucial scene.

I offer an inexpensive ($35) service where I look at up to 600 words of creative writing. Invariably, writers express surprise at how much they can learn from that small sampling.

I designed the assessment for people entering contests, but it is a quick and inexpensive option for any creative writer: Writing to Win Quick Assessment.

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