Where can I find someone to read a draft of my novel

by Joachim

Hi I am writing my first book right now and would like someone to read it a little and tell me what they think. I don't want to post it in a public forum and as I am writing in english and live in Germany not many of my friends can read it.

Is there some sort of community that provides such a service?


A creative writing class is often a good place for writers to receive feedback on their work. They learn useful writing techniques and receive honest feedback. Classes may be found through your city recreation department or the local library. You can learn much from a qualified instructor, who will be a published author. In addition, the instructor will know of other places to receive feedback locally.

Libraries and universities will often hire a writer-in-residence, who will spend a portion of his or her time reading the manuscripts of local writers.

You limit your options by not wanting a public forum, as that is where you will find free feedback, though "free" too often also means inexperienced.

If you are serious about wanting to publish, I recommend setting aside part of your budget for classes and private writing feedback. It is more important to receive feedback from someone knowledgeable than from someone who charges nothing.

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