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Parent of a New Novelist

by khris

I have a son who's a creative writer & is starting to write a novel by himself.I want to help him show his talent, what should i do?


If you mean that you would like him to show his writing to others, to gain confidence, likely you should do nothing. When he is ready to show his work, he will do so, but the timing of that should be his choice.

If you want to encourage him, you might ask if he would like to take a creative writing class, join an online writing community, or work privately with a professional writing mentor.

You might support him by paying the fees and helping to find programs or a good mentor.

I began working with a young girl several years ago, and I have commented on several drafts of a novel that will soon be ready for publication. This young woman is exceptional, but I'm sure there are many talented young people who could benefit from working with a professional. As they grow in their abilities, they will have a solid base of writing skills, and a good contact in the writing world.

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Apr 26, 2012
New Novelist 3.0
by: Anonymous

Why not show your support by purchasing a writing tool for him? There is a tool there called "new novelist" that helps writers with their craft. As a writer myself, the tool worked for me.

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