Is Broken Grammar Interesting?

My teachers and friends tell me my grammar isn't all that great (I misplace verbs, adjectives, nouns, they don't always agree). They've also said it's okay because it makes my writing interesting and stand out. I've been told it's okay, but is it?


Your broken grammar may be cute and appealing in certain circumstances, amongst friends, and particularly if English is not your first language.

I have a friend whose grammatical idiosyncrasies and unusual pronunciation makes her sound adorable. She's easy to understand, and I like how her speech is distinctive.

However, in academic or business situations, ungrammatical writing will not do. Ideally, writing must be clear and leave no room for misunderstanding. Poor grammar is unprofessional and will not help the company's image.

Also, anyone who wishes to make a career of writing
requires numerous skills, the first being an excellent command of the language--both grammar and usage.

It is fine to provide certain characters with distinctive and idiosyncratic speech patterns, for effect, but readers expect the author to have a firm grasp of the rules.

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