How to Contact Editors or Writing Magazines

by Allan Becker

Is it okay to contact editors of writing magazines by fax? Can I fax or email my stories to them or do I have to use mail? If I use mail, how will I know they received them? Will they confirm that they received them?


A magazine will state in their guidelines whether or not they accept electronic submissions, in which case you can send by email. It's not common to fax submissions, so only do so if the magazine states that faxed submissions are acceptable.

If they do not clearly state that they accept electronic submissions and they provide a mailing address, send your story by mail, in the standard submission format.

You will not receive confirmation of your submission but must assume that it was received, just as we do with all mail or email. It may take the publisher some time to open your submission, so confirmation of receipt is generally not feasible.

It is, however, important to send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE), with all mailed submissions. This allows the publisher to contact you about your ms. with either a rejection letter or an offer to publish.

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