How can i publish a book at my age?

by Heather Mathews
(Australia, Tas)

Hi. My name is Heather And I am 12rs old. I want to be a successful author by the age Of 14-15. My parents and the students of my school say I am a great writter. I have written lots of short childrens stories and I want to publish my stories. The thing is I do not know how and if I can at my age.

So my question is. .. How can I publish my stories and am I old enough to put my books in stores And libraries?


Hi Heather. That's wonderful that you have an interest in writing at such a young age. My guess is that you are also an avid reader, as that is how most professional writers began--as voracious readers.

I discussed your question in another post: I'm a Teen. Can I Publish so you will find some good information there, including a list of successful teen authors.

That post also contains a video about a young woman who applied for a grant to self publish her first book in grade five, and received it!

Keep reading, and good luck with your writing!

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