Get inspired with photographs

by Erin Mc
(Wofford )

Take a walk. While on your walk snap photographs of the scenery, wildlife, or people.

Later, write about your walk. Describe everything you photographed in detail. Incorporate how you saw everything firsthand and how you see them in your photos.

Write a story that describes how or why it/they are there, or what will happen to them. Then describe how what happens will change what you saw.

Example: Green hills rose from the earth as far as the eye could see. Tall blades of spearmint colored grass waved a gentle farewell in the wind. The smell of citrus wafted toward me. Then an orange fiery rock fell from the heavens and destroyed my meadow. Now all that's left is the taste of smoke and soot blackened earth.

Related activities:

  1. Take many photographs of various people, things, and scenery from different places, and then write a story describing everything in the photos in one place or environment.

  2. Take a walk as above and photograph everything that interests you. Later, when you look at the photos and write a story that incorporates the elements you chose to photograph, challenge yourself to describe everything using all of your senses except sight. What did you smell, taste, touch, or hear?

  3. Now use each photograph to write about something else. Use the photo as a starting point, to trigger associations. What did you think about when you saw the log covered in moss? Did it remind you of a camping trip with your family? Can you write a story about a family camping trip?

    Does a close look at the moss make you think of a dense forest of miniature trees? If so, what world exists below that canopy of “trees”? Or maybe each moss cell reminds you of an intricate snowflake or an uncut gem. In what world would the snowy earth be brilliant, emerald green? In what world would you walk between mounds of uncut emeralds? Create an imaginary world from ideas in your photographs, and populate the world with a character in trouble. What problem does this character have, and what does the character need to do to make his world right again?

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