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Childrens' Book Writing

by Nasheedah King
(United States)

Is the Children's Institute Literacy Program based out of Philadelphia, PA a reputable agency to take a writing course? The course cost $500 and program is approximately 5 to 8 weeks long. There is an initial aptitude test to determine how well you can write. They promised to critique student's manuscipt for possible publication after graduation.


Hi Nasheedah. I'm not familiar with this teaching organization, but I went to their web site, and I like how they provide a list of their writing instructors, along with each instructor's qualifications and photo. That inspires confidence.

They also provide a way to contact them, including phone numbers and a fax number, so you can call the number first and be sure that you can get through to an actual person. If you can, that's a good sign.

They also have a forum, where you can ask questions, get answers, and read what others are saying.

For all these reasons I think they're a legitimate organization.

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