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by G. Green

I would like to ask your view on prologues. I am reading so many publishers' sites lately that say prologues are amatuerish, 99% of books don't need them etc. Of course, I know we can find 100 best selling exceptions. I am curious as to your view. I never realized there was such anti-prologue sentiment...


The backlash against prologues is I think because editors see so many bad ones, where the prologue could have been the first chapter, or because the prologue is boring, or because it provides too much backstory. Some inexperienced writers will put information in the prologue and then repeat it later in the novel. All of these reasons would make the prologue unnecessary.

This article about prologues will explain the purpose of an effective prologue:However, if you can avoid using one, all the better, as readers often ignore them and "go straight to the action." Of course, that's what a publisher also wants, so if you use a prologue, be sure it acts as a strong "hook."

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