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Writing News, Issue #007 -- Be a Better Writer
August 22, 2010

Highest Paid Writers Earn Megabucks

Dear Writers,

News about the earnings of several popular novelists caught my attention this week, and--no surprise--they write thrillers and romance, not literary fiction.

As one of the highest paid writers in the world, James Patterson earns $70 million a year, and he still does not use a computer to write! All of his 51 New York Times bestsellers were written in longhand. Many are also co-written with unknown authors who write the first draft from an outline provided by Patterson. Learn more about his writing process in this INTERVIEW.

Movie rights caused 37-year-old Stephenie Meyer, who sold 26.5 million books in 2009, to place second with earnings of $40 million for her vampire romance novels. These earnings and continued media attention also moved her to #59 out of 100 on the Forbes Celebrity List.

Stephen King remained in third place (behind JK Rowlings & Patterson the previous year) with earnings of $34 million, and Danielle Steele took home a mere $32 million.

JK Rowlings, who topped the list with $300 million last year fell to the bottom of the list with earnings of only $10 million.

For the entire top ten earners CLICK HERE.

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Keep writing, and have a great week!

--Pearl Luke

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