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Writing News, Issue #006 -- Be a Better Writer
August 10, 2010

First Kindle Book Picked up by a Major Publisher

Dear Writers,

This is not my usual newsletter, but a brief note about an inspiring story I came across today. If ever you feel like giving up, think instead of Boyd Morrison.

In his video trailers Morrison looks young--late twenties, early thirties. He also looks very pleased.

He has a Ph.D. in industrial engineering, and he wrote his first novel more than a dozen years ago.

When he completed it and shopped around for an agent, five agents rejected him. So he shelved the novel for nine years, and then tried again. It took him three years, but he finally found an agent, only to have 25 publishers refuse his book.

So, in March of 2009, he published The Ark himself, on Kindle, along with two other unpublished novels he had written. Within three months, according to NewsWeek, he was selling 4000 copies a month--enough to pay his mortgage and household bills.

Soon some of the publishers that had already rejected the novel were courting him. He sold the novel to Simon & Schuster. In May 2010 The Ark: A Novel was released in hardcover.

His second novel, Noahs Ark Quest , is due for release next week.

Watch the trailer HERE.

So keep writing, and have a great Week!

--Pearl Luke

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