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Workshop Announcement -- Be a Better Writer
November 26, 2009

Workshop Announcement

Beginning January 1, 2010

I'll be sending out the regular newsletter in a few days, so please watch for it.

In the meantime, I have a writer eager to join four others in the ongoing Novel Writing Immersion Workshop beginning January 1, 2010. Please spread the word if you know anyone who may be interested in this program.

Writers in the two other ongoing workshops are making dramatic progress on their novels, and I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about finishing a novel.

In the Novel Immersion workshop you will be inspired to write a novel from first draft through to the finish, a page a day, five days a week.

To guide you through the novel writing process, I post weekly instructional lessons on writing craft and each week you receive feedback on your writing.

Other members of the group also provide their thoughts on your work, and you benefit from seeing the strengths and weaknesses in the work of others, and from reading my advice on how to resolve issues. I use published novels and film clips to illustrate the various principles, and a discussion thread (email discussion group) provides a venue for questions and answers. The result is personal and very much like a Master's seminar in creative writing.

You will learn technique from the novelists we discuss. They will inspire you to follow their example or try something new—the only rule is that you write regularly and post something every week.

Read what others are saying about the program here: Novel Writing Immersion Workshop.

If this program interests you, please CONTACT ME

Thank you and best wishes,

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