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Creative Writing Prompt 3: Rock Sculpture

Writing Prompt: Margaret hikes into the foothills, and comes across a life-sized sculpture carved into the rock along one side of the path. Describe her response to the sculpture.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Can she recognize the subject of the sculpture or is it an abstract image?
  2. What is her initial reaction when she first sees it?
  3. Is the sculpture freshly finished, or does it have a weathered look?
  4. What does the sculpture represent to Margaret?
  5. How does she feel upon viewing it from different angles?
  6. Will she tell others about it or keep its presence secret?
  7. Has she been on this path before?
  8. Does she touch it? Climb on it?
  9. Does she wonder about the sculptor, about his or her gender?
  10. What is her feeling on leaving it??

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