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Point of View Simplified


Point of view simplified? Isn't it simple already? Many writers believe that POV is only a matter of choosing the right pronouns, but there is much more to the subject than this. POV refers to the placement of the narrator in perspective and distance.

To use POV well, it is necessary to understand not only what choices are available but also how to distinguish between the various types. This first lesson is longer than the rest and requires more reading as each POV option is explored in depth. You will answer questions to test your understanding and ability to spot subtle differences between the various POV choices.

LESSON TWO: Why Writers Have Trouble with the Omniscient POV

The omniscient point of view often seems like the best choice, and yet it also creates the most problems in maintaining a consistent POV. It is also the POV mostly likely to cause writers to lapse into "telling" what should be "shown." This session uses samples to illustrate past and present uses of omniscient POV and asks students to pinpoint incorrect usage.

LESSON THREE: Moving Between Multiple Points of View

Moving between multiple points of view can be tricky, and if the movement is not handled well, readers will find the change jarring. This session teaches techniques that will allow students to move confidently between one POV and another and uses exercises to test understanding of the techniques.

LESSON FOUR: Putting POV to the Test

The capstone of this course is a short piece of student writing that pulls everything together. The student is asked to submit a piece of work that uses multiple points of view, for a full critique that focuses on strengths and weaknesses in point of view. Simplified.

LENGTH: 4 lessons over 4 weeks (may be taken over 8 weeks on request)

COST: $395


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