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Online Writing Courses and Classes for All Levels

A word of caution about online writing courses and lessons:

You'll find many good writing courses online. However, some large companies prey on the emerging writer's vanity and sincere desire to learn. They will offer to evaluate a short piece of writing without charge, and will supply much superficial praise with little constructive criticism about how to improve.

The purpose of these companies is to sell an expensive creative writing course based on the writer's "exceptional" ability.

Many years ago, before I had published anything and before anyone had heard of online writing courses, I ordered two creative writing courses by mail. Each one promised to take me from "wannabe" writer to published writer in ten or twelve weeks. I never made it past lesson one on my first attempt, and although I swore I'd persevere the next time I paid for a course, I didn't complete that one either.

The lessons were expensive, and they asked me to complete creative writing tasks before I had the skills to do so. I felt overwhelmed by the lessons, and I had no human contact, only a submission address to send my finished writing assignment, or not.

These companies were in the business of selling, not teaching or coaching. After all, if nine out of ten people never complete a course, the company has its money up front and never has to deliver the promised feedback.

The online writing courses I offer here give you direct access to me. I respond to your assignments, answer questions and provide feedback on a piece of writing at the end. As with all the free information on this site, my goal is to help you succeed.

Courses I'm Currently Offering

Novel Immersion Workshop

The Novel Immersion Program guides individuals, or occasionally small group of writers, through a novel, from start to finish as they study lessons, write on a regular schedule, and receive valuable feedback. This is the year you could bring your novel up a level, or even complete it.

Length: Ongoing/monthly, begin or stop with 30 days notice.

Cost: $225/month ~ Read more here

Read to Write

Writers write. To write well, they also must learn to read from a writer's perspective.

Architects study the buildings of other architects. Photographers study the photographs and techniques of other photographers. Artists of all types study the work and techniques of others in their field, both their contemporaries and the masters.

This course teaches you to read for technique and for inspiration. Each lesson compares and discusses novel and short story excerpts to demonstrate the elements of fiction in depth, so you will learn about craft as you also hone your ability to analyze literary works.

The course consists of four lessons spread over eight weeks, with assigned readings, questions, and exercises. There are no right or wrong answers, but you may be asked to probe deeper or examine work from a different perspective to further illustrate practical techniques.

Length: 4 lessons over 4 weeks

Cost: $295 ~ Read more here

Point of View Simplified

If you're like most writers struggling with Point of View (POV), you understand the basics, but may have difficulty grasping the subtleties of this element of fiction.

This online writing course is designed to simplify POV and give you confidence as you learn to distinguish minor differences in perspective. Over four successive lessons, this course discusses the theory of POV and puts that theory to practical use as you examine how established authors use POV. You will then complete exercises at your own pace. At the end of the fourth lesson, you may submit a short piece of fiction for a critique of your use of POV.

Length: 4 lessons over 4 weeks (may be taken over 8 weeks on request)

Cost: $395 ~ Read more here

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