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Begin here, with a good hook that introduces the main character with an interesting character sketch. For example, my last synopsis read as follows:

From 1929 to 1933, Mabel Rowbotham, a.k.a. Madame Zee, was the real-life mistress of the Brother, XII, Canada's most infamous cult leader and false prophet.

Historical versions of the Brother's story portray Madame Zee as a foul-mouthed, cruel, and unfeeling woman, an opportunist eager to beat colonists into submission with either end of a riding crop, the sort of woman who grabs power where she finds it, regardless of the human cost.

But what if the two known incidents upon which most of her vilification depends, were just that: two isolated instances of frustration?

As a young woman growing up in Edwardian England, Mabel Rowbotham is consumed by one goal: She wants to understand and control the clairvoyant images that have set her apart since early childhood.

Painful and confusing in their ambiguity, the visions, and her need to understand them, propel her through an education unusual for her time. She downplays them during her marriage to a corrupt banker. She embraces them in Florida, with her Spiritualist father-in-law. She explores them further with Nellie, the friend and Theosophist who encourages her name change. And ultimately, they lead her to the Brother, XII, and his failed utopian colony.

It is here, on the magical eastern shore of Vancouver Island, at Cedar-by-the-Sea, that she must choose which values define her.

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