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Praise for MADAME ZEE

A writer of great poetic sensibilities balanced with a healthy understanding of how to build a good story. Globe & Mail

Precise and elegant, with a measured tone that beautifully balances the often bizarre subject matter. Montreal Gazette

A moody, sensual novel about an enigmatic and difficult woman. A fascinating read. Edmonton Journal

A fascinating fictional biography of a very unusual woman, a stylish novel that you won't forget - at least not until someone turns Madame Zee into the movie it deserves. Sun Times

A definite, and truly fine, must read. Victoria Times Colonist

The sense of place that Luke conjures, is magical.A resting place worthy of another dark angel fallen from history into art. Calgary Herald


Luke displays a rare mastery in her first novel. Her prose is simple but eloquent, her characters well-sketched, and her ideas powerfully expressed. Commonwealth Prize Jury

This debut skilfully layers its many conflicts into a haunting and memorable whole. Publishers Weekly

The touching honesty with which Luke reveals Percy's anguish and self-discovery will make readers eager confidantes. Time Out New York

Her experience has fuelled an intricate and seductive first novel, a subtly wrought narrative arc spanning 20 years, offering resonant characters, fascinating fire lore and scenes of family life that will raise primal emotions, the book gathers irresistibly to its striking climax. The Globe and Mail

The characters, especially Percy and Marlea but secondary ones as well, are clearly drawn and memorable. Finally the novel is lyrical, sensual and erotic, written with a confidence often lacking in first books. Toronto Star

A compelling tale, a masterful job of capturing awakening female sexuality. Ottawa Citizen

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