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Comments and Testimonials

Your input helped make this draft so superior to the first one. I can even pinpoint one crucial place where your help changed everything for the better after you suggested I rewrite for more tension/conflict. Now I can't imagine the book without that character. So thank you! ~ Anika Scott, Essen, Germany

I wish I had found you sooner. Over the years I have spent hundreds of dollars on contest entries and I rarely heard a word in response. Now I know why! Thank you for your help and encouragement. ~ Jacqueline Sturgess, Toronto, Ontario

In the short while I've worked with you I've learned more than in many, many years of trying! Your input and encouragement are invaluable and you are a terrific mentor - thanks for that! ~ Lizelle Henegan, Calgary, Alberta

I wanted to let you know that I've been taken on as a reviews editor at Literary Mama. They asked me to do a sample edit, and liked what I suggested—a lot of which I learned in the past 8 months working with you! Thank you for helping me move forward. ~ Katherine J. Barrett, Cape Town, South Africa

Thank you so much for your evaluation of my manuscript, Raised by Committee. The type of feedback you've given is exactly what I was looking for—succinct, relevant and useful. Your ability to pinpoint two inconsistencies in the text enabled me to make needed edits. Your feedback exceeded my expectations, and your turn around time was amazing. Thank you, Pearl, it was a pleasure working with you, and money well spent. ~ Carollyne Haynes, Qualicum Beach, BC

What insightful feedback. You're generous with your responses and gave me much more than I expected for the cost. I've taken courses and have come away with less. Thank you! ~ Deborah Meyers, Salt Lake City, Utah

Thank you for the excellent comments. This is exactly what I need to hear. What fun to have writing goals that match personal—tight and lean. ~ Judy Wiesner, Burnsville MN

Your comments have saved me from countless hours of future editing and rewriting had I not been made aware of the short-comings in my early work. Without any doubt, taking advantage of your service has been the best decision I have made in taking my writing more seriously. ~ John Geddes, Vancouver, BC

Thanks a lot for enlightening me - with very clear and consistent general advice that applies not only to the chapters I sent you but will also be useful in the future. ~ Cam Carruthers, Bonn, Germany.

I just wanted to let you know that the first story we worked on has been published! Thank you for all of your great comments, and for giving me confidence in my writing. ~ Susan Sanford Blades, BC

I am pleased that I feel less intimidated than before our time together. I think that is the sign of a great mentor. I hoped for more confidence to try new things and I feel like I have more of that. It has been a great pleasure working with you and I would love to work with you again! I feel like I have taken away important skills that I desperately needed. This has been a very good experience for me, in every way. ~ Linda Theodosakis, Naramata, BC

This mentorship has been invaluable to my development as a writer. It would be difficult to overestimate how much I've learned! ~ Andrea King, Toronto, ON

Pearl Luke’s evaluation of my manuscript was invaluable. The clarity of her comments and insightful suggestions backed up by concrete examples provided me with a road map to improve my book. She not only pointed out areas of weakness but also pointed out where the writing worked and why. I wish I had used her to evaluate my previously published novel as I am certain her critique would have improved it considerably. One other thing I have to say about Pearl Luke’s manuscript evaluation is that it is obvious from the depth of her comments and specific citations that she dedicates an extraordinary amount of time and effort to the task. ~ E. David Brown, Montreal, QC

Your comments on my work make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I'll confess that I was a bit dubious as to how well I could learn to write fiction via computer interaction as opposed to seeing you face to face in the class style format that I'm used to. Well, dear mentor, I am so glad I put those feelings aside because I have learned volumes from you in a very short period of time. I read my notes over and over, each time picking up something new to think about and learn. ~ Linda McDaniel, Lake Cowichan, BC

My mentorship with Pearl has been invaluable in building my confidence as a writer. Her advice touches on everything from plot and structure, to style and grammar. She's a constant source of creative inspiration and guidance that's as close as your computer screen. Thank goodness I logged on! Thanks Pearl. ~ Carolyn Amaral, Bermuda
Pearl, you have been the second and third set of eyes that I need to produce the quality of work I desire. I never feel dashed when I receive a submission back, even when it has been loaded with suggested changes, as you have struck a balance between critique without being critical. You are never short of encouragement, yet your critique is sharp, and has helped me to cut through the fat in my writing.

You have given me the literary tools to foster my strengths and address my weaknesses in my writing. This mentorship arrangement has been even better than being in school, and I really liked school! You have taken me out of my solitary task of writing. Thanks for all your incredible work! ~ Lorrie Miller, Vancouver, BC

I can’t express how thankful I am to have found your service! Your thoughtful and honest feedback has been invaluable to me. The suggestions on reorganization were especially helpful, as were all the comments that helped me transform flat characters into interesting, well-rounded ones. You gave me more help than I ever expected for extremely good value. ~ Heather Perry, Santa Fe, NM
Under Pearl's guidance and thoughtful input I have grown tremendously as a writer. Her precise comments and insights encouraged me to continue with my writing at a time when I began to question it. Pearl’s attention to story structure and detail allowed my manuscript to be more concise and directional and her quick response to my e-mails were much appreciated. Thank you Pearl. ~ Cathy Yard, Duncan, BC
To me, a great writing mentor combines two main qualities: one, a deep understanding of craft, and artistic excellence; and two, essential human and mentoring qualities such as honesty in feedback, kindness, efficiency, teaching ability and encouragement. Pearl is an amazing mentor in that she unites these qualities to a very high degree. In just the space of months, I learned more about my strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve, than in all my classes and years of individual work combined. It was at once humbling, illuminating, and very inspiring. ~ Dimitri de Morea, Vancouver, BC
For anyone looking for a mentor who will roll up her sleeves and get down into the thick of it with you, to help you develop as a writer, I highly recommend Pearl Luke. ~ J. Hoffman, Fairfield, CT
You are so honest and clear—you graciously lend me your garments of confidence. I am so grateful for your care and meticulous reflections…Thank you. ~ Edie Hartshorne, Berkeley, CA
(Author of Light in Blue Shadows)
Wow, you're fast, and you are doing such great work! Thank you!!! I love your work on the chapters, and I'm learning a lot about writing from you. Now, as I read a hard copy of the manuscript through, it really flows. ~ Vijali Hamilton, Castle Valley, UT
(Author of World Wheel: One Woman's Quest for Peace)
Your help, your encouragement, has been nothing less than wonderful for me. I've approached other writers with my novel and nobody but you wanted to take the time to read it. Your comments on the structure of my novel cut straight to the core. And I never knew how a novel should be presented until you told me. I'll certainly mention your name to the would-be writers I bump into. ~ Terry Ades, Montreal, QC
I submitted to Pearl only nine double spaced pages with an invitation to evaluate and comment. I now have the confidence to continue. Her comments included those things which I already knew needed attention (glad she caught them, it confirmed my belief that she could give me what I needed) and alerted me to form, technique and aspects of the story which I can remediate due to her very specific examples from my piece. ~ Rita Ashley, Medford, OR
Thank you again so much for your support and encouragement re: writing about these experiences. It's been tremendously helpful (and freeing!). I honestly cannot imagine that I would have found within myself the confidence or courage to even try writing about these experiences otherwise and I am thrilled to find that they can, in fact, be written about, that I can write them. ~ Meredith Wheaton, Halifax, NS

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