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Gotham Writers Workshop, selected "Best of the Web" by Forbes, and accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is the leading private creative writing school in New York City and online. The school's interactive online classes have attracted thousands of aspiring writers from across the United States and more than one hundred countries.

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Methodology that Works

At Gotham Writers Workshop we believe that writing is a craft that can be taught. We teach the fundamental principles of each form because you need to learn these principles before you can manipulate them, just as Picasso mastered realism before he painted abstractly.

We take you and your writing seriously. Our classes are not therapy. They are not a lovefest. They are about learning to write. Talent cannot be taught, but it certainly can be nurtured.

There are no miracles. If you want to write, you can. First, learn the craft—so you know what you're doing. Then write. Gotham workshops teach you the craft and provide the structure of assignments and deadlines that get you writing.

Professional Instruction

We believe that teaching is as much an art as writing, and we know through vast experience that the ability to teach creative writing is a unique and valuable skill. That's why all of our teachers are professional writers and professional teachers. They know what it means to work at the craft of writing—they've been in the trenches—and they are expert at conveying the larger concepts and subtle nuances to students. They don't just talk about writing, they get you writing.

Extensive Interaction

Gotham online classes are not just e-mail forums in which you periodically send work back and forth. Our classes are interactive workshops with extensive communication between you, your classmates, and the instructor. These dynamics recreate the inspiring experience of our live writing workshops.

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User Friendly Technology

Our online format is easy to use. No special software is required, and you do not need to be an experienced Internet user in order to get the most out of the course. If you do run into problems, online support is available to answer your questions.

Invaluable Critiquing

The criticism you receive from outside the writing community won't help you because your friends who aren't writers don't understand writing. They mean well, but they have no background, no experience, no knowledge, no training. Your best friend can't tell you that you have a brilliant first act, but with a few deft changes in the opening sequence you can make the reversal at the end of act two even more devastating. Your mother can't tell you that your flashback on page two is evocative, but the action of your story would be better served if you got to the central conflict more quickly.

Supportive Atmosphere

Classes at Gotham Writers Workshop are every bit as much classes in criticism as they are classes in writing. As you become a better critic, you become a better writer. As you read works by your fellow writers, you learn to be more objective about what is working, what is not working, and why. Gradually, that objectivity seeps back into your own writing, and your first drafts improve. Writers need each other. Writers need a forum in which to present their material, colleagues to encourage them when the initial inspiration fades, and a guiding hand to make it all work. Gotham Writers' Workshop is that community.

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