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Reach Half a Million Writers provides an opportunity to reach more than half a million writers per year with information about your product or service.

Our creative writing website attracts 50,000 unique visitors per month, and receives over 100,000 page views/mo. We offer creative writers over 500 pages of information, and the clickthrough rate on popular pages often exceeds 5% (based on information derived from Google).

Roughly 75% of visitors to the site are new with 25% returning visitors. 83% of visitors come from search traffic, with the remaining from referrals and direct traffic.


More women than men visit the website and primarily fall into two age groups, 18-24 and 45-64.

  • 55% are from the US
  • 15% from Canada
  • 10% from the UK
  • 5% from Australia
The remaining 15% visit from around the world.

Side Banner Ads

We now accept static ads only (no flashing or rotating ads) in three sizes. These run site-wide, excluding the home page.

200 x 200 pixels - far right column only

  • One month = $100
  • Three months = $240 (save $60)
  • Six months = $450 (save $150)
  • Twelve months = $880 (save $320)
200 x 80 pixels - far right column only
  • One month - $75
  • Three months - $180 (save $45)
  • Six Months - $350 (save $100)
  • One Year - $675 (save $225)
125 x 125 pixels - left or right column
  • One month - $65
  • Three months - $160 (save $35)
  • Six Months - $300 (save $90)
  • One Year - $550 (save $230)

To Begin Advertising

Please CONTACT US with you advertising request, providing your name and address, URL link and desired ad/duration. We will send an ad contract. After you hear from us, please send your ad image, correctly sized and ready to post.

Advertising Terms

  • Ads must be prepaid and copy ready.
  • We serve writing and book related ads and reserve the right to decline any ad we find unacceptable
  • Changes to ads running three months and longer are acceptable, but no more than once a month.
  • Payment may be made by Paypal, credit card or e-transfer, where possible. If you wish to enquire about any other method, please understand that ads run only when payment is received.

Thank you!

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